Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Weigh-In

It's been a while since anything has been posted around here, but rest assured that the continuation of Ni Kantu is a priority, if an occasional one. I'll do my best. Keep in mind that if you are hungry for some musings by yours truly, you can also head over to All About Jazz, Paris Transatlantic, Signal To Noise, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

A few things of varying import have been happening lately.

1) I'm now sharing a radio show with my friend Rick Kendrick at Austin's community radio station, KOOP. You can stream it live here or tune in from 7-8:30 PM in the Austin area at 91.7 FM. The show is called The Cutting Edge (also "like-able" on Facebook) and we aim to present all the heavies in both contemporary and historical creative music.

2) It was reedman Giuseppi Logan's birthday yesterday, May 22. I was in bed with a cold much of the day, otherwise would have weighed in. Anyway, his new quintet recording is available from Tompkins Square Recordings and I reviewed it here. Happy 75th to Giuseppi!

3) Apropos of reedman Phill Musra, whose work has graced these pages multiple times, the storied but rarely seen Michael Cosmic LP is up on eBay. Probably the rarest Afro-American jazz document in existence, it'll be interesting to see what price this piece of artwork commands (no, even I don't have one!). The cover art on each copy is different, and this is certainly one of the finest examples I've seen. The seller also referenced this article, which adds another piece to the scant Musra/Cosmic discographical puzzle. Hopefully someday this fine document of creative music will see the light of day as a reissue.

4) Finally, please be on the lookout at All About Jazz for an interview with the great drummer Muhammad Ali, brother of Rashied Ali (1935-2009) and a regular participant in the 1970s recordings of Frank Wright, Alan Silva, Bobby Few and others.

Some reviews will be coming down the pike shortly, so please keep watching these pages!

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