Wednesday, December 23, 2009

List Addendum and Holiday Miscellany

Thankfully - and perhaps confusingly - I prefer to do my year-end lists in alphabetical order. It's probably the library professional in me. But this is a funny and very true template for how the list is really created.

And though it arrived in my mailbox a little late to enter into any sort of contests (which really just serve to take time away from whiling hours at the day job), tenorman Von Freeman's Vonski Speaks (Nessa) is absolutely incredible. I'd listened to him piecemeal before and long appreciated the work of his brothers, the late drummer Bruz Freeman and oddball-funky guitarist George Freeman, but Von to me was always a tougher nut to crack. Still is, but at this point I worry less about cracking and just enjoy listening to his utterly surprising, whoop-and-holler phrase choices. Thirty-odd years earlier, he cut the LPs Have No Fear and Serenade & Blues for the same Nessa label, which are corkers as well, and age has only brightened the corners of his playing. If you've got some Hanukkah funds kicking around, I highly recommend Vonski Speaks. Look for a "real" review shortly at All About Jazz.

Also forthcoming at AAJ (finally): the words of Bill Dixon, and a short stack of reviews covering "solo playing" in all its forms in 2009.

Until then, happy holidays and Gajan Kristnaskon from "us" at Ni Kantu.

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