Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Minneapolis We Insist

The long-awaited interview with Weasel Walter is available at All About Jazz here. I think it came out pretty well. I'd be curious for some feedback of course.

Just returned from Minneapolis and my sister's wedding with an armload of releases from my friend Clint's label De Stijl. Check them out! Maybe I can strongarm him into doing some jazz/improvised releases in the near future. But for that there is always Roaratorio, another Minneapolis-based label that has been tirelessly documenting the work of artists as diverse as Joe McPhee and Paul Metzger. Look for a solo alto saxophone McPhee LP shortly.

I didn't have much time for record shopping, but did pick up an original Atlantic Stereo pressing of the self-titled Clarke-Boland Big Band record; not as groovy as the later European sides on MPS, Columbia, et al but pretty strong and an appearance from Maffy Falay is always welcome.

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