Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Early Week Roundup

Last week was extraordinarily busy for me in my "other life," attending the Society of American Archivists conference 2009, which was here in Austin. Consequently, almost no time to ponder the musical wellsprings nor reflect on the passing of a few of history's giants: drummer Rashied Ali and guitarists Les Paul and Lawrence Lucie. I understand that the folks at Destination Out will be doing a Rashied Ali memorial post soon, so stay tuned to their well-researched neck of the internet for more.

In less morbid news, however, readers of Ni Kantu can look forward to another post on the music of Phill Musra and Michael Cosmic, reedmen and twin brothers. Phill is still with us and playing, though Michael passed in 2001. I hope to, with Phill's permission, post an exclusive rare track, one of the last to feature Cosmic's playing. I can guarantee it won't quite be like anything you've heard before.

In music...

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  1. Clifford -- I want to correspond about some of the issues you brought up tweeting #jazzlives -- email me! Howard Mandel (I've written for S2N, ESP, etc) Jazzmandel@gmail.com