Friday, March 13, 2009

Monastic Ecstatic

I've been on a bit of an Alice Coltrane kick lately. I didn't follow her work too much until the past couple of years, for a couple of reasons. First, I think my tastes have mellowed out a bit, to where Eastern-inflected modal plateaus are often just the right thing to chill out to. As my friend Stefan put it, in response to a recording of Pharoah Sanders, "this is one for the shirt-raising Spiritual crowd." Anyway, I've particularly been attracted to Alice's records with strings - her string writing is pretty dense and adds a touch of tweaked madness to the free-time modal stuff she recorded with Ben Riley, Charlie Haden, Rashied Ali, Frank Lowe, Majid Shibazz, et al.

Here, however, is a clip I found of the then-Alice McLeod performing in Paris at the Blue Note Cafe with Kenny Clarke (drums), Lucky Thompson (tenor sax), Jimmy Gourley (guitar) and Pierre Michelot (bass). I believe the date on this is 1961, when Lucky, Clarke, Gourley and Michelot were in residence with a number of pianists. Who knows, maybe someday a complete recording will surface... Enjoy!

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  1. wow! it's awesome that you were able to come across this . . . never seen/heard her playing as McLeod (as far as I can recall, anyway). And, if I'm not mistaken, didn't Lucky pass on not too terribly long ago? This is great footage to have. Thanks for sharing w/ the rest of us. (Was just listening to Ptah . . . . IMO, it has a rather subtly adventurous yet reflective and soothing quality that has always appealed to me.