Friday, January 2, 2009

The Numbers Are In...

2008 was, for me, a pretty good year as far as record releases go - a significant amount of new recordings really piqued my interest, and the reissue mill wasn't too shabby either. I believe that this is the first time I've ever submitted a "list," though I think my choices were different for both the Village Voice Jazz Critics Poll and the All About Jazz poll...

Irrespective of genre, here are some titles that really struck my fancy. Some of these I have reviewed elsewhere, others not. For reviews of these discs, take a quick trip over to All About Jazz, Dusted, or Signal To Noise - all have been covered extensively.

In no particular order other than alpahbetical, my top new discs are:

Jason Adasiewicz: Roll Down (482 Music)
Angles: Every Woman Is A Tree (Clean Feed)
Barkingside: Barkingside (Emanem)
Anthony Braxton & Joe Morris: Four Improvisations (Duo) 2007 (Clean Feed)
Andrew Raffo Dewar: Six Lines of Transformation (Porter)
Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra (Thrill Jockey)
Bill Dixon: Seventeen Musicians In Search of a Sound - Darfur (AUM Fidelity)
Sakoto Fujii ma-do: Heat Wave (Not Two)
Mary Halvorson Trio: Dragon's Head (Firehouse 12)
Ideal Bread: The Ideal Bread (KMB Jazz)
Louis Moholo-Moholo: Duets with Marilyn Crispell (Intakt)
Alfredo Costa Monteiro: Centre of Mass (Another Timbre)
Trio Viriditas (Harth/Morris/Norton): Live at Vision Festival VI (Clean Feed)
Chris Speed/Chris Cheek/Stephane Furic Leibovici: Jugendstil (ESP-Disk)
Sunset: The Glowing City (Autobus)

Reissues and unearthed gems:

Kevin Ayers: What More Can I Say (Reel Recordings)
Robbie Basho: Bonn Ist Supreme (Bo'Weavil)
Anthony Braxton: The Arista Recordings (Mosaic)
Brotherhood of Breath: Eclipse at Dawn (Cuneiform)
Graham Collier Music: Deep Dark Blue Centre/Portraits/The Alternate Mosaics (BGO)
Ted Daniel: Tapestry (Porter)
The Flying Luttenbachers: Trauma (ugExplode)
Elodie Lauten: The Death of Don Juan (Unseen Worlds)
Chris McGregor: Up To Earth (Fledg'Ling)
Mij: Colour by the Numbers (ESP-Disk)
Roscoe Mitchell: Nonaah (Nessa)
Musica Elettronica Viva: Friday (Alga Marghen)
Orange: In the Midst of Chaos (De Stijl)
Heikki Sarmanto: Counterbalance (Porter)
Sun Ra: Secrets of the Sun (Atavistic)

Other than that, people are still dying with less recognition than they should have, people aren't getting paid for reissues of their material, and downloading is rampant.

Please support your independend music retailers, either online or (GASP!!!) in a storefront near you and check out some of these recordings.

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